This Week’s New Right Roundup: Selfies, BFFs and Blue Check Marks

One constant theme about the New Right is that they all rely on each other for their social circle, and they all rely on social media for their finances, and they all think that any form of criticism is due to identity politics and therefore must be monetized. Here’s a small collection of the herd mentality and love between the New Right from the last few days, featuring Omar Navarro, who is running against Maxine Waters, Laura Loomer, who demonstrates that blonde isn’t for everyone, Candace Owens, who thinks Cernovich is the second coming of Christ, Joy Villa, who lies about her belief in Christ, and Mike Cernovich, who recently started some kind of media hub but does not appear to pay his contributors as they all still have Patreon accounts, and Dr. Jane Ruby, who despite having some kind of doctorate also runs a Patreon account.

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edit: I found a forum post from November 2016 indicating that around the time of Candace’s original Social Autopsy fundraising, she mentioned that Mike had contacted her to be a part of one of his documentaries.

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  1. December 23, 2017

    […] Navarro, (Archive Link) who has hosted Joy at his fundraisers as he looks to unseat Maxine Waters in California, who is still on probation from a misdemeanor […]

  2. December 29, 2017

    […] run for the Republicans against Maxine Waters in California, has hosted Scientologist Joy Villa at fundraising eventsย and seems to have a slippery view on Scientology, because he is now attacking Waters for attending […]

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