Conservative Twitter Takes Early Sides in the Villa + Lewandowski Fight

Yesterday, Annie Karni with the Politico posted an exclusive story detailing the alleged sexual harassment and unwanted touching reported by Joy Villa and one of her friends to have occurred at the slap-happy hands of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski at an event at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. last month.

Villa, who finally records her age as 31 instead of 26 in the article by a current White House reporter who covered the Hillary campaign, has not divulged the name of the only other witness to the alleged unwanted touching. The unnamed friend was the one who acted as intermediary to introduce Joy to Corey. So far, the best theory is that this is all George Soros‘ doing.

Like the Michelle Fields incident in 2015 that split the conserv-o-sphere apart, this time the lines have been drawn in the sand while the rest of us have been enjoying cocoa with family in the lead-up to another happy Christmas. So, here’s the starter pack of tweets about the incident:

Cassandra Fairbanks, new recruit to the Gateway Pundit and Kaya Jones, ex-friend to Joy weigh in (Archive Link):

Laura Loomer likes Corey (Archive Link):

With more tweets (Archive Link):

Joy Villa Awareness crusader Vinnie James points out that he’s been warning us about Joy (Archive Link):

Matt Couch with the America First Media Group (Archive Link):

Mike Zollo says (Archive Link):

Omar Navarro, (Archive Link) who has hosted Joy at his fundraisers as he looks to unseat Maxine Waters in California, who is still on probation from a misdemeanor criminal conviction “stemming from his use of an electronic tracking device he attached to his wife’s car,” refuses to comment. Further reading: Is There Anyone on the New Right who HASN’T Been Arrested?

Lee Stranahan seems to be holding his cards close to his chest (Archive Link):

Mike Cernovich has deleted his supportive tweet about the incident — not before I snagged it on Archive —  so perhaps he’s looked again and is now walking back into neutrality. For the laughs, here are some highlights from his Titanic AMA on reddit yesterday:

And for kicks, it appears that Roaming Millennial and Peter Boykin are taking Joy’s side in the fi-ass-co.

I’m almost disappointed I’ll be out of range of internet on Christmas Day while visiting family, because this is too good.

Edit: The Imam of Peace Tawhidi has an opinion, too (Archive Link):

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