Joy Villa Files Sex Assault Claim Against Trump Aide

Singer, Scientologist and ex-dominatrix Joy Villa has filed against Corey Lewandowski for sexual assault stemming from reports that he slapped her ass at a Trump International Hotel party on November 28th of this year. In less than 24 hours after the accusation was published in the Politico, conservative Twitter had already taken sides.

For months now, I’ve written about Joy. Months of archiving, months of collecting rumors of her manipulation. See the Joy Villa tag for all of my articles and you’ll see where I started as positive, supporting a fellow Trumpette down to where I am now — warning my friends that Joy is using the lot of us to her own ends.

And so we’ve come to this: the infiltrator has now filed a sexual assault complaint with the Metropolitan Police Department in the District of Columbia.

I would like to say hello to new visitors to this website — you may have read my words before from the time I was a ghostwriter with Breitbart, and personally denounced by Hillary Clinton.

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