Things Fall Apart; The TradThot Cannot Hold


Last month I wrote about TradLife, where I called it a meme ideal that is unsustainable. Calling yourself tradcon is a recipe for disaster, because it is an unattainable ideal and is therefore unstable and ought to be avoided as a branding trait.

I concluded in my previous piece:

Tradlife is a meme ideal that believes the perfect of the sunny, anecdotal past will fix every male and societal ailment, which in turn is just an expansion of the belief that women ruined everything and that if they’d all stop being such whores, we would all be back in Paradise.

In the past week, all Hell broke loose and attacks were launched chiefly on Tara McCarthy and Lauren Southern, two right wing women who have been associated with the tradlife movement. Both were accused of being “tradthots” — that is, women who claim to be “traditional” but whose past lives and current trajectory indicate the opposite. I won’t go into the details here, or discuss the people organizing the attacks. It is sufficient to say that conservative YouTubers are currently compelled to register an opinion on the place of women in the conservative sphere, and that while much has been made about the place of women in politics.

Myself, I’m happy to stick with chatting about gossip and culture, because I’d rather get paid for politics. I copywrite almost exclusively for men.

So the noise has been about the time and the place of women, but instead of rehashing the worn-out ideas of others, I’ll take this into my own direction and offer my exhaustive expertise on how the decay of the TradLife Female YouTuber will happen. When the hollowing begun, I noted that the next step would be for the “Stay at home, have several babies” line to turn into a religiously-driven one.

On 5 December 2017, I noted on Twitter that “Whoever rises from the ashes will do so under the guise of religiously-motivated behavior. Beware.” citing Revelation 16:13:

And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs;

And, after stating that “Christian women are only meant to be submissive to good Christian men, because they are supposed to be good providers,” I wrote that we will “swing from Trad Cons to Christian Cons, especially because of its aspect of forgiveness of sins. Watch out for atheist sneks.”

Religion is the simplest out. God is real, so becoming religious is a good turn even without a webcam involved. And one can avoid being chastised by anonymous outsiders because a good Christian woman should not be taking advice from faceless strangers. A good Christian wife is meant to be submissive, but that sure as sugar doesn’t mean she’s going to be submissive to every male who has an opinion — she is submissive to a good Christian husband, and to her parents.

And then, once Jesus is accepted, you may begin to seek forgiveness from your sins — in a way that has nothing to do with pleasing the internet. You do not have to fling yourself at the feet of the web, crying for forgiveness; they’ll just troll you harder.

I’d recommend that anyone who has been targeted as a phone tradcon to embrace God and humility.

Join me in my little crusade to spend less time wearing makeup while streaming. Spend more time reading. Work on your writing instead of just your video production (bonus: if you’re good, you can eventually switch to becoming a consulting writer). For me, choosing to be low key is easier — I do have an autoimmune disease. As I write this, I’m shaking off an infection that has kept me exhausted for the past week or so.  Choosing low key will make you happier. You’ll not feel compelled to answer to the trolls, because it is He who will be the judge.

I’ll direct again to my previous piece which goes into the simple, shrewd and financially accessible advice for being a good girl.


“The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.”

So here is my warning:

With the escape to God, there will be insincere believers who will pretend to espouse the beliefs of a good Christian. We’ve already seen it in Joy Villa. And now we will see it in the TradCons. Be careful. Sometimes people use the name of God for their own advantage.

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