Joy Villa’s ex-Manager Robbie Olsen Tries To Avoid Blame

Robbie Olson received this text message from Joy Villa some time before the end of 2017:

Hi Robbie, as of Jan 1st, 2018 Joy Villa Productions will no longer be needing your assistance or services. Thank you for your signed NDA, which can be mailed to you by my lawyer, at your request. I wish you immense future success and thank you for your past work. Sincerely, Joy Villa

Olsen, whose Twitter profile indicates he is the current manager and booking agent for Roger Stone and Sheriff Joe Arpaio (names I associated with Villa in the past), tweeted at President Trump with an apology for introducing the man to Villa:

Spoiler: This is the only apology we’ll be getting from Olsen. And it’s for Trump, not to any of the rest of us who have been shamed for being mean, obsessive or jealous.

I didn’t notice until January 10th, and even now the tweet has only 23 retweets and 8 replies. My questions were unanswered at the time:

But Tony Ortega took the initiative to publish a great interview with Olsen, 62. The interview was pushed on January 15th and happily my two questions were answered.

Here are some highlights, but I recommend that you read the whole thing:

Olson tells us he became enamored of Villa after her Grammy Awards appearance last year in a “Make America Great Again” dress, and invited her to speak at a Pima County, Arizona GOP meeting in September… Over the next few months, Olson helped her gain access to people like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Sean Hannity, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Kellyanne Conway, and helped her get appointed to Trump’s campaign advisory board.

Olsen goes on to describe how Villa’s husband, Bill Clinton fan Thorsten Overgaard and Scientology itself “destroyed everything” and that he cuts ties on Dec. 19th.

And we’ve learned that it was through “Steve Bannon and Roger Stone” that Trump found himself associating with Villa. Having been a successful ghostwriter published in Breitbart where my best piece was misunderstood by Bannon while being lauded as the end times by the left, I’m not surprised Bannon has a weak idea about how the internet thinks. Having denounced Yiannopoulos for his shameful mismanagement of funds and the trust of many, many people, I’m not surprised that the man wanted to take Villa on tour.

The common strain in everyone’s shedding of Villa is that they didn’t know she was a Scientologist, or that they didn’t realize Scientology was that bad — these are excuses. Passing the buck. It’s right to own up to your mistake.

The Trumps are good people and must drain the swamp of influencers jockeying for a position around them. Exposing Donald to Villa, and dragging her lying butt to all sorts of conservative events and to meet Ivanka and Kellyanne and Diamond and Silk does nothing but harm the movement and casts suspicion on conservative women and newcomers to the Trump Party.

Hey Olsen. Next time you want to bandy about a new star that you’re sure will take social media by storm, call me up so I can vet them properly.

Read more from Tony Ortega in their interview with Cory Duncan, Villa’s ex-boyfriend and the father of the child she put up for adoption in 2007 and how she was arrested on domestic violence for attacking him in front of a cop.

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