Quick Rundown: Loomer Vs Metokur

The season of internet bloodsports continues and I’m happy to provide timestamps to the best parts of last night’s stream hosted by Baked Alaska last night featuring Laura Loomer, Mister Metokur and Andy Warski along with special guests Lauren Southern, Mike Enoch and Mike Tokes.

Clocking in at almost three and a half hours, the stream is filled to the brim with NSFW language and content. This is a work in progress and I haven’t personally finished watching the stream so this will be updated.

Here is a list of timestamps to the best parts so we can all enjoy the show:

0:02 Show starts with Baked Alaska, Laura Loomer, Mister Metokur and Andy Warski.

5:35 First accusation against Ezra Levant, saying he was taking all of the WeSearchr and FreeLaura donations and alleging he refused to release a statement.

19:55 Mister Metokur questions why Laura has not been public with this allegation.

26:50 Baked Alaska reads a round of Superchats.

27:39 Mister Metokur asks about the tire incident.

34:42 Loomer responds to question if whether she thought it was slashed or if it blew out: “The police officer said [the tire] looks like it was slashed.”

35:12 Mister Metokur asks about claims of sexual harassment against Laura by Gavin Wax.

43:47 Andy Warski announces that Lauren Southern has messaged him to argue a point made by Laura.

44:33 Laura: “Where’s the rape report? That’s what proves someone is a rapist.”

44:47 Andy: “Someone could still be raped without a rape report.” Laura: “How does a woman rape a guy? What do you do, do you like tie him up?”

46:45 Laura: “Let’s be honest. How is it even biologically possible for a woman to rape a man? Like, it’s just such a silly conversation…”

47:51 Laura alleges that Cassandra Fairbanks threatened physical violence against her.

52:07 Lauren Southern joins.

1:00:17 Lauren Southern leaves.

1:13:15 Metokur: “I wish you the best of luck when Ezra sues the living shit out of you after listening to this stream.”

1:18:40 Discussion of how much money was received by Laura from the FreeLaura fund and the WeSearchr.

1:20:00 Discussion on the shutting down the alt-right Discord server connected to weev and the Daily Stormer.

1:28:00 Andy asking about the receipts for the tow truck re: the Tire Incident.

1:31:28 Laura admits to “fucking up” re: the Tire Incident.

1:31:54 Metokur reads recurring question from the chat: “Did you dox Mike Enoch‘s mother?” to which Laura starts by defending that finding someone’s Facebook account is not doxing, saying that she did post information including her the political leanings and “a screenshot of one of her pictures.” But, she contends, this wasn’t his mother’s “personal information” so it does not count as a dox, and that it was “months ago.” Stated purpose of the dox was to show that “a lot” of these right wingers come from liberal families. Laura refuses to apologize and continues to supply information about Enoch’s mother’s political leanings.

1:36:13 Metokur: “Didn’t you just tell us how hard it was to be a single woman on the internet, and you get all these death threats… and you put his fucking mom’s picture out? You know what was going to happen.  You’re not dumb.”

1:40:39 Andy gone wild.

1:41:55 Mike Enoch joins, challenges Laura‘s narrative, including the “ridiculous conspiracy theory” that the Democrat party has been promoting or funding the alt-right. Laura claims that there was a “coordinated effort” to call her up, receiving “hundreds” of calls from people claiming to be on the side of Enoch.

1:45:26 Andy: “Mike, every time [anyone] has asked her a question, she goes ‘No’ and then proceeds to say the ‘yes’ answer but in a long sentence.”

1:47:00 When Laura is challenged on her allegation that people were saying “gas the Jews” at the Unite The Right rally, Mike agreed that the person she mentioned, affiliated with the Daily Stormer, “actually would [say that].”

1:48:27 Enoch: “Laura here is blaming us for the violence [at the Unite The Right rally].”

1:51:37 Laura explains her “thought process” on doxing Enoch‘s mother, Laura starts off by saying she won’t apologize.

1:55:03 Laura finally explains “why I did what I did.”

 1:56:05 Metokur says that her explanation isn’t an answer, “she didn’t even answered you.” Andy: “She never does!” Metokur explains that Andy wanted to know how it felt when people “fucked with your family, [Laura]. Did you like it?” Laura replies: “Well I’m not personally very close to my family…” to which Andy stands up, laughing. “I’m not really close with my family members.” Baked: “So you don’t care if your family gets doxed?” The discussion then turns into an argument over what “doxing” means.

2:01:40  Enoch: “It’s possible to love people who you don’t agree with about politics.”

2:02:43 Comments on the direction of the livestream, Laura saying the current setup with Mike Enoch was not how the stream was initially presented to her.

2:03:56 Baked Alaska reads a Superchat question that Laura refuses to answer head on as Andy quietly reacts.

2:39:26 Laura leaves.

2:47:34 Mike Tokes joins. SEE: Is There Anyone On The New Right Who HASN’T Been Arrested? Mike Tokes in Las Vegas Edition

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