Trendspotting Confirmed: “Vacation Nationalist”

Social analytics can be done with bots, spreadsheets and programming languages. Or, if you want to know what the online conservative movement will be talking about in the coming months, just ask me. Add this one to the list where I’ve been ahead of the curve.

The current spicy debate is the place of people from one country investigating issues in another. Two examples off the top of my head are a recent videos from the American Brittany Pettibone showing nicely filmed in-person interviews with Canadians Lindsay Shepherd and Jean-François Gariépy. In the weeks beforehand, she was visiting and reporting from European countries. As well, Canadians Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern have had a recent focus on South Africa, where Lauren has been uploading beautifully filmed (rumor mill says Caolan Robertson is the director of photography) short clips from South Africa with the intention of producing a full-length documentary. Goldy, fresh from a smear campaign where images taken of another woman were alleged to be her own partly undressed selfie, announced recently that she would not be going to South Africa to film as she had originally intended and would instead be focusing on local issues.

I noticed in August that during the Reckoning at the Rebel Media, the only untouched, unphased personalities were the ones involved in the straight news out of the conservative-leaning province of Alberta.  And in July 2017 I tweeted that we Canadians ought to be concerned with our own backyards. Politics is local, says Roger Scrunton, and I agree. Focusing on your own town pars away lots of the political baggage in Canada — because while we might disagree over parties, we try very hard to stay civil because there are only so many people here and we need as many friendly drinking buddies as we can get.

This is summed up by the new term vacation nationalist as coined by Faith Goldy.

The tweet is best interpreted to be pointed at Lauren Southern, who is currently back in Canada according to social media.

edit: I may be mistaken on the coining of “vacation nationalist.” 

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  1. Is ‘vacation nationalist’ a derogatory term? What about Canadians that participate in American politics? I feel like many people would be unaware of foreign affairs if journalists/activists only covered domestic stories. Travelling is part of the job, right?

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