Attack on Free Speech: Prof. Mehta of Acadia Faces Action For Speaking Truth

In a small village in Nova Scotia, one hour outside of the capital city of Halifax, Prof. Rick Mehta is facing online backlash for his “free speech absolutism” and refusal to bow to left-wing talking points on victim hood, the wage gap and multiculturalism.

Attacks have come from a student petition and a professor based in the next province over who has slandered Pro. Mehta (@RickRMehta) as a racist. So let’s start with some fact-finding, archiving and opening salvos from the free speech brigade. I hope you will be willing to share this story and see it morph further into opinion and then action. This article is introductory and is unable to cover everything, so please click through to the links and check back in the coming days for more updates.

This post is generally off-topic to the wider site, but since it involves my beautiful province of Nova Scotia I am wiling to be off brand.

Prof. Rick Mehta

Rick Mehta, Ph.D., is a psychology professor at Acadia University with a research focus on decision making. His recently amended home page on Acadia’s site reads:

“More recently, I have become interested in studying viewpoint diversity within universities and am particularly interested in assessing to what extent the lack of viewpoint diversity is a problem in Canadian psychology departments.”

In collecting this article I found that Prof. Mehta has committed only thoughtcrimes against the left. He has made the mistake of supporting free speech for all and apparently for saying positive things about fellow psychology professor Prof. Jordan Peterson. I’m convinced that more crimes will be dug up, and a new narrative will come into play: Mehta has always been a racist, but we just never knew he was until it was fitting to see him removed for the trumped-up charge of saying things that are true.

Change.Org Petition: Remove Rick Mehta from teaching classes at Acadia University

A petition was started in response to Mehta’s social media, where he retweeted a post suggesting that not all Native children in Canada sent to Residential Schools had a “negative experience.” Jessica Durling writes:

“Professor Rick Mehta of Acadia University expressed he is against trans rights, believes residential schools did good, and believes that the Indigenous “industry” are exploiting Western values of justice. All these groups are protected under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. The marginalized communities in Nova Scotia cannot feel comfortable having this man, who is against so many protected marginalized groups, teaching classes at a respected university such as Acadia. “

Change.Org Petition: Support for Professor Rick Mehta

A counter-petition was started by Jay Andrew. At this time, there are 2,432 signatures.

“Rich [sic] Mehta a professor at Acadia University who is being attacked by Marxist and Socialist forces that are trying to stifle debate and shut down free speech. As well as calling for him to be fired from his teaching position.”

Prof. Matthew A. Sears Denounces “Free Speech Absolutism”

Matthew Sears, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of New Brunswick. Despite teaching in a different province, he has inserted himself into this argument. You can read more of his comments in this interview with the Canadian Press  (Link, Archive Link).

“He does have a constitutional right to be an ignoramus about residential schools and even a racist if he wants to be, but he can’t do that and expect he can be an effective and fair and appropriate teacher for students,” Sears said. “You don’t have a constitutional right to be a university professor.”

Muh Jordan Peterson:

“He’s just sort of parroting the much more popular Jordan Peterson. He’s very clearly just trying to piggyback on that to gain a certain notoriety.”

And when all you have is a hammer and sickle, you accidentally make yourself look like a tool for implying that a  professor of Ancient Greek is more able to discuss modern multiculturalism and “decolonization.”

“Sears argued that topics like decolonization and multiculturalism fall outside Mehta’s field of psychology.”

Bless this man. He’ll be attempting to assert that his knowledge of Ancient Greek politics is somehow more relevant than psychology. That’s what happens when you check out of the real world: You have no real life experience, and your analogies are 2400 years out of date.

Prepare yourselves for a never-ending deluge of “As a classist; As a Professor of Latin; As an Expert in Greek City-States…” with the predicate being whatever CNN is angry about today.

Heather Hemming, VP Academic at Acadia

Speaking with the Canadian Press  (Link, Archive Link), Hemming stated about the need to investigate Prof. Mehta:

“The nature and frequency of these complaints and the significance of the allegations is concerning for the university, and we have determined the necessity of proceeding to a formal investigation.”

Mehta Responds


Using social media, Prof. Mehta has called out both Prof. Sears and Acadia University for their attacks.

In The Media

Here are some of the media reports of the case. Most of the fire and fury is coming from Prof. Sears and from the people involved with the Change petition.

CBC News, January 15, 2018: “Petition calls for Acadia prof to be fired for social media posts.” (Link, Archive Link)

“The controversy started after Mehta tweeted at federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who had removed Beyak from the party’s parliamentary caucus.”

Letter to the Editor, Ottawa Citizen, January 22, 2018: “Let free speech thrive please” (Link, Archive Link)

“Free expression includes the right to express unpopular opinions. Unfortunately those who do are met with vilification and misrepresentation. Acceptable limits are provided by laws relating to defamation and the promotion of hatred.”

CTV News via Canadian Press, February 26, 2018: “Acadia University launches investigation into controversial professor” (Link, Archive Link)

Mehta has been outspoken both on campus and on social media about a range of contentious issues including decolonization, immigration, and gender politics, garnering both supporters and opposition.
He has come under fire for saying multiculturalism is a scam, there’s no wage gap between men and women, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has created a victim narrative to prompt “endless apologies and compensation.”

Wayne MacKay

MacKay is a professor emeritus at Dalhouse University’s Schulich School of Law and has been retained by Acadia to investigate and report. The university, at this time, has declined comment in the press. MacKay’s research topics include cyberbullying.

According to his CV, he has scant courtroom experience and I would encourage you to read through his decades of experience on promoting “human rights” as a tool of the government.

But Wait, There’s More!

I can see that this article will require some follow-ups.

Please share this article to anyone you believe might be interested in looking further into this case.

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