Google Search’s ‘Great Content Update’ Now Confirmed Live

Last weekend Google’s public liaison of search tweeted confirmation of an algorithm update that has already been noticed and felt by sites missing key content on their landing pages, and by sites that use overly broad keywords. Going by the gossip, sites with content on every page that use highly targeted terms seem to have improved click-through rates.

A few days ago I noticed a big change in the Google rankings of a conservative site I work for — right now, Bing lists us as the top return, but Google had slammed us down to the third page behind left-wing outlets like Vox and Snopes. Personally I find that Google has been unusable in the last few days for conservative news stories and have been using Bing instead of my usual Duck Duck Go.

This is what I noticed on March 12th, a few hours before the update was officially announced:

Google’s Tweets

Google’s Danny Sullivan announced “broad changes” that focused on forcing sites to improve content:

What Does This Mean?

Browsing through Twitter, reddit and the comments sections on various SEO websites, there are a few common sentiments:

  • Legitimate sites from blogs to e-commerce are experiencing wild changes in rankings anywhere from up 25% to down 70%
  • ‘Spammy’ websites have ranked up
  • Landing pages that do not have any unique content and that only serve to link to other posts have been punished
  • Broad, generic keywords are no longer bringing traffic to their clients’ sites
  • In reaction, SEO managers are updating their clients’ sites to have unique introductory content on category landing pages, or are pointing traffic away from low content landing pages.
  • No quick solution on ranking up sites in terms of mobile traffic

If you’ve been putting off testing your website’s rank, you’d better go check your Google rank now and see if your broad keywords like “conservative” and “news” are no longer cutting it. Drop me a line if you still don’t know what this means.

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  1. Anarcho-Conservative says:

    Just another attack on conservative/libertarian sites. I look forward to the day when the internet is free from vicious liberals and lefties who are mad with power. In the end, free speech always wins.

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