Facebook’s Latest Alt-Right Shutdown: Richard Spencer

Two of Richard Spencer‘s Facebook pages have been shut down, including a page for the National Policy Institute and the website AltRight Dot Com. Linking to either of these two sites will now result in an error message. In combination, both groups had fewer than 15,000 followers

If Spencer hadn’t been so keen to throw up the seig heils he might have a bit more support from conservatives.¬† But, as I wrote last year in The Ghettoization of YouTube:

Nobody wants to be stuck defending the Hitler apologist, myself included, so people like him will be removed first, because people like me do not want to be the guy standing up for the Hitler fan. We suffer a disunified right, and it will kill us all. We need to learn how to defend people whose personal beliefs we find cruel and obscene if they have their freedom of speech taken away.

To be clear, I do not believe that suppression or removal from social media constitutes the loss of freedom of speech, so I am not bound to criticize the decision. It sucks, and I’ve lost a few contracts over Facebook’s dismissal of conservative opinion pages, but it’s not free speech. We’re in this mess because conservatives are terrible at starting our own websites.

This follows the suppression of the popular pro-Trumpers¬†Diamond and Silk who are seeing massive drop-offs in their viewership on their Facebook posts. Read more off site:¬†‘Diamond & Silk’ offer chance for bipartisan push back on social media censorship.

And now we’re in the position borne out here, where Richard Spencer and Diamond & Silk are packaged into the same articles despite their difference. Both are broadly conservative, now both are linked in the news cycle.

Yesterday I published a long piece on essay writing for anyone looking for advice on how to cleanly and effectively present a case to the public.


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