What We Can Learn From Milo in New York and Black Men in Starbucks

Two media loving conservatives are hustled out of a bar after meeting a group of Socialists. Two black men are hustled out of a bar by police after loitering. Only one is an international scandal.

Last week, an American Starbucks store was in hot water for calling the police to remove two black men for loitering, causing massive backlash in the press and the institution of an upcoming “anti-bias” training day for all baristas.

Yesterday, Milo Yiannopoulos and media handler Chadwick Moore were hassled and booed out of a bar in New York by a pack of socialists. The backlash is on the back burner for this one, though, as it appears that Milo and Chadwick really did just happen to visit the same lunch spot as the socialists.

On Sunday, April 22nd the New York chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America took themselves out for an unannounced visit to a bar in Manhattan. About an hour later, Milo and Chadwick strolled in. From Mediaite:

“Milo took to Instagram to explain the incident, claiming he was “shoved and screamed at by a big group in a pub in Manhattan and forced out of the place.”
“Initially I was going to stay put obviously but they blocked me from my table and my bag and yelled at me to leave and it was about to escalate into something ugly,” he wrote.”

Yeah right.

But the Democratic Socialists say that it really was a random encounter:

“by all accounts it appeared accidental. Our Citywide Leadership Committee randomly picked that bar out (proximity) after today’s meeting and he arrived with a friend over an hour later. He didn’t seem to enjoy us giving him hell and left after he realized we weren’t stopping.” [Link, Archive Link]

Have I become so jaded by manufactured outrage that I am no longer equipped to recognize the real thing? Is this what it will feel like when Deep Fakes take over?

Perhaps the lesson is to look at the backlash. Milo and Chadwick both have sweaty, earthy understandings of media manipulation. So take a gander at the response to both incidents to see what we can see.

In the Starbucks incident, the backlash was made tremendously worse by Starbuck’s downtempo PR strategy of waiting two days before issuing a statement. Sleepy PR is unacceptable — at Warfare Media, we keep an emergency line on our website. If Milo had intended to cause a scene he would’ve stayed and filmed it. And, they would make sure we all know the name of the bar in order to bring up action against it. If I had things to do in the afternoon I’d leave in a hurry, too, and I wouldn’t drag the bar owner into the equation. Overwall, there was a very sleepy response from conservatives, because Sunday brunch is not on the radar for the unyielding bloggers that would cover the story.

In the end, a group of Socialists as well as The Nation editor Annie Shields and  journalist Brendan O’Connor from Gizmodo Media who covers the “far right” hassled two white gay male conservatives who were looking for a beer at a local bar, and nothing will change. If anyone orchestrated the event, it happened on the side of the Socialists.



This will burn a bit slower than the usual news cycle. I, for one, welcome another salvo in the war against socialism.

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