Canadian Marketers Happy Consumers ‘Comfortable’ With Personal Data Sharing

As expectations of privacy continue to erode, the Canadian Marketing Association is looking on the bright side.

The study is behind a paywall, but the abstract written by John Wiltshire is available online.


“77% of Canadians have some concern about their online privacy.”

“57% of consumers agree that disclosing personal information is increasingly part of modern life, and 35% view the exchange of personal information as essential for the smooth running of modern society. Most notably, 45% of millennials agree with that statement. “

“It is encouraging to see consumers growing more comfortable with data sharing.”

The study was conducted last November across ten countries, but as the GDPR kills targeted advertisement in place of contextual advertisements, the trick is now to get consumers to voluntary hand over their private information instead of quietly ask them to accept cookies or the presence of Facebook pixels.

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“We aren’t worried, as we only contact individual journalists with a targeted, tailored approach, so there won’t be a massive culture shock for us. The legislation will force PRs to think more carefully about who they approach and why.”

“Another upside to GDPR is that it legally prevents publicists from sharing the private details of journalists with clients, as Hennigan explained.”

I prefer the handsy approach to crafting targeted messages, so there’s definitely a bright side here for little old me.

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