Facebook’s Bad Week In Review, June 2018 Edition

In the last week, Mark Zuckerberg’s cash cow has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened between May 29th and June 4th:

Facebook Is Losing Traffic

Business Insider has now written follow-up to their January piece about Gen Z “migrating away from Facebook,” which explains that Gen Z, or the Post Millennials, or the “Under 22 And Doesn’t Remember 9/11” crowd are going to SnapChat and Instagram.

The new piece was published on May 29th and includes tidbits from marketers and money folk:

“Because Gen Zers are individualistic and value their privacy, they prefer anonymous social media like Snapchat, Secret, and Whisper rather than Facebook.”

See Also: YouTube is the preferred platform of today’s teens.

A few right-wing focused Facebook news groups have also given up the ghost as changes to the news algorithm continue to chew through conservatives, who tend to forget the almighty t-shirt sale when it comes to making money online.

Then, Facebook lost its #3  spot to Reddit on Alexa’s “Top Sites in the United States” ranking.

Change to Facebook’s APIs

Facebook is also in hot water over their APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces. An API is a quick, handy way for developers to build a program that can integrate with Facebook. For example, my website’s software allows me to post to my Facebook page automatically. Without an API, integrations can be very tricky and time-consuming for software developers.

On June 1st, Facebook announced that they will be removing the ‘Trending Topics’ section sometime this week.

“We will remove Trending from Facebook next week and we will also remove products and third-party partner integrations that rely on the Trends API.”

The ‘Trending Topics‘ tag will likely be replaced by a ‘Breaking News’ indicator granted to publishers, and a “dedicated section on Facebook called Today In” along with a section that allows users to view live video coverage.

Last night, the New York Times published a piece accusing Facebook giving over 60 different device makers including Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry and Samsung “inappropriate access to user data” through  device-integrated APIs. See: Cambridge Analytica Scandal for a comparison.

Facebook responded almost immediately to the piece, which means it’s likely that the NYT gave them a head’s up. In the piece, Facebook disagrees “with the issues [the NYT has] raised about these APIs,” saying that the named companies have been granted access to APIs but that the companies “could not integrate the user’s Facebook features with their devices without the user’s permission.”

Regardless, says Facebook, they’re already “winding down access” to the APIs.

At this point, the Daily Wire seems to be the only conservative site that is surviving thanks to their unrelenting use of the Facebook Live feature, and pro-Trump material is relegated to meme pages and college-oriented content.

Trend: Facebook For Advertising Products, Not Ideas

According to Search Engine Watch, with voice search and the use of Amazon Echo to find products rising,

“A closer focus at the advertising spend shows a growth of the advertising revenue for Google, Amazon and Facebook. This growth is related to the rise of e-commerce and how it is combined with ads to increase the sales.”

I’d recommend moving off of Facebook for news and towards dominating voice searches.

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