Study: LGBT Rights Ads Are Effective Because They Stress Out Gay Voters

New research into the exciting field of how gays respond to ads about votes on gay rights. Required thinking for anyone looking to tinker with gay marriage, gay adoption and gay wedding cakes.

In a study published in April 2018 by the National Academy of Sciences:

Greater ad exposure was associated with more stress among LGBT respondents; negative ads evoked sadness, whereas positive ads evoked enjoyment and happiness. No associations were observed among non-LGBT respondents.

The authors go further and attempt to say that because it’s true for the gays, it’s true for every ‘marginalized group.’

Voter referendums thus represent a source of minority stress and resilience for marginalized groups… Thus, public votes on minority rights represent both a source of minority stress and resilience.

Compare: Lesbian, gay and bisexual voters remain a solidly Democratic bloc

Research into this field — how LGBT voters react to advertisements concerning their niche — is still brand spankin’ new and is worth pursuing.

LGBT people are emotionally affected by these campaigns, and non-LGBT people are unaffected. LGBT people in markets with a cumulative total of 400 ads have a 34.0% greater probability of reporting stress than LGBT people not exposed to ads.

It’s awfully late in the day to begin studying how gays perceive advertisements on gay-related political initiatives. Compare LGBT life now with LGBT life in the 1960s. They’ve won so many battles. All of June is now ‘Pride Month’ on par with Black History Month. Nobody’s going to force a ballot to make you wear a rainbow armband if you’re more than happy to wear one yourself in a parade down Main Street.

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