Study: Users Care More About Benefit than Risk in Sharing Personal Data

A new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine highlights the erosion of modern privacy concerns in the setting of clinical drug trials. Of 771 participants over multiple trials performed by three different American medical centers, only 8% of respondents “felt that the potential negative consequences of data sharing outweighed the benefits.” As well, participants were likely to share their information unless it was going to be used in litigation.

[Lead author Michelle Mello, JD, PhD] said she was somewhat surprised by the survey results, “given the amount of consternation one hears at conferences about data sharing.”

“Interestingly, nearly half our sample had experienced a breach of their personal data privacy in another context, yet they were still willing to share their clinical trial data,” she said.

Mello cautioned:

“I suspect that clinical trial participants may be different from the public at large.”

On the other hand, companies ares skittish over “broad data sharing” because the next privacy breech may be the one that scares participants away.

I find that people are willing to overshare if it will help their candidate, less so the wider political party if they are able to speak directly to someone who isn’t actively writing or recording their point of view. Generally, I think the best speakers for conservative values are the ones that are constantly speaking to a range of people but who use data over anecdotes in their spars.

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