Tweak Team Productivity with Military Grade Caffeine Research

Productivity news this week is all about coffee.

From the American Academy of Sleep Medicine‘s latest study mixing algorithms and optimizing alertness:

“…a subject can reduce caffeine consumption by up to 65 percent and still achieve equivalent improvements in alertness.”

The research was commissioned by the US Army as part of their very long running research into keeping soldiers awake. The technology is currently patent pending and will likely find its way to numerous sleep apps. For decades, the research is showing that caffeine is safer than methamphetamines, partly for the fact that if you’re exhausted you can still fall asleep when you’re full of caffeine but there’s no such luck with speed. Dosing yourself up on caffeine works for about two days before you need to get back to a healthy sleep schedule.

Followed the next day by Ohio State University:

“Researchers found that people gave more positive reviews for their group’s performance on a task — and their own contribution — if they drank caffeinated coffee beforehand.”

So bribing people with coffee isn’t just a good way to get a group into the room together, and suggesting “meeting for coffee” over Skype isn’t a good strategy on its face. You’ll all be friendlier.

If you want harsh, unproductive replies, keep your critics awake all night. And when you read mean comments left at 4am, know that it’s probably the sleep loss talking, not the person.

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