Varg Cuts Ties With The Golden One

Varg Vikernes, AKA Thulean Perspective has publicly broken up with Marcus Follin AKA The Golden One in the comment section of a recent YouTube video. While the two men have been at odds in the past, it appears that Varg is fully cutting ties.

On May 29th 2018, The Golden One posted this 11-minute Q&A video:

Within a day, a comment was left by YouTuber ThuleanPerspective, also know as Varg:

Dear Marcus. I miss being able to endourse [sic] you, but your support for Zionists (like Tommy), (((Tara))), the man who tries to survive in Plato’s cave, Christians (Jews), enlisting women to the gym to train hard and ‘ham-riders’ like Jack D. make it impossible for me. Let me know if you ever change in these respects.

PS. We used to fight alongside each other… maybe we will again, in the next life.

You can read the original comment and its replies here.

The attacks seem one sided, with The Golden One preferring to keep the peace and Varg looking to pick fights over minutiae.

Watch this video from December 2017 explaining the origins of the conflict, pointing out in particular that he did not want to join in on Varg’s “struggle” against Christianity.

Disagreements between the two men include churches and cathedrals, which Marcus believes are glorious. On the other hand, Varg had been found guilty of several 1992 arsons of Norwegian churches dating as far as back as the 12th century.

Further, The Golden One believes women should do strength training — especially squatting — and Varg thinks that women who work out will suffer urinary incontinence before 25. (Ladies, you can lift weights. If you’re expected to pick up a 60 pound screaming child, you can pick up a 60 pound barbell.)

Marcus has a new line of nutritional supplements coming out this June. At this time, they will not be available for American consumers due to shipping.

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