Conservatives Feel Their Lives Have More Meaning, Purpose

A study led by a professor of psychology and marketing had to adjust the results to accommodate the strong religious beliefs of right wingers.

“The results suggest “that there is some unique aspect of political conservatism that provides people with meaning and purpose in life,” the scientists wrote.”

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See also: Conservatives more likely to make purchasing decisions based on the superiority of the product, while liberals make the same decisions based on uniqueness.

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  1. Mike Walsh says:

    This is because conservatives tend to have a real religion, characterized by a destiny that transcends the mundane. Progressivists’ religion, on the other hand, is ideological and intra-mundane, compelling them to endow each of their ephemeral ‘issues’ with the meaning of eschatological fulfillment. This leaves them to seek an elusive validation by maintaining constant anxious vigilance wrt the cause du jour, and also explains their characteristic rage: They invest their egos in their ideas, thus they always experience disagreement as disrespect.

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