Crowdfunding Platform Freestartr Banned by PayPal, Stripe

Users noticed last night that their credit card donations to Freestartr creator Faith Goldy were failing to process their credit cards through the Stripe service.

Earlier this week, Paypal purged both Faith Goldy and Red Ice TV from their service.

Freestartr CEO Charles C. Johnson has announced that he will be filing a lawsuit against “the founders of Stripe, Patrick and John Collison in regard to this loss of business.”

Right now, these are the creators who currently use Freestartr to fund their work:

  • Ashton Whitty
  • Jack Posobiec
  • Vox Day
  • Peter Duke (photographer)
  • Roosh Valizadeh
  • Charles C. Johnson (CEO of Freestartr)
  • Ivan Throne
  • Troy Worden
  • Ali Alexander (AKA Ali Akbar)
  • Sam Hyde
  • Faith & Heritage
  • Laura Loomer (awful person)

It’s expected that these creators will also be choosing cryptocurrency as their major form of fundraising.

Recently, a reported named Amanda Robb has been tweeting about working on a story about Freestartr for Rolling Stone, tweeting at both Nick Loeb, director of the in production Roe V. Wade movie inexplicably starring Tomi Lahren and Milo Yiannopoulos, and John Collison, the co-founder of the Stripe service.

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[Archive Link]


Freestartr has issued a comment here.

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