Joy Villa’s New PR Firm Forced to Send Embarrassing Release

The agency is stuck promoting Villa’s poor spelling and typos in an effort to get the disgraced singer’s name back in the papers.

Villa’s New Publicist

After parting with Robbie Olsen last year, Villa is now represented by Espada Entertainment, a firm which also represents Marco Antonio Regil, a pro-vegan Mexican television host and personality.

Espada Entertainment is run by Jasmin Espada, whose modelling daughter Jorjiana Zimmatore is also on the roster. The company’s Twitter account has retweeted memes calling Trump a “national embarrassment” — which is about as pro-Trump as Villa was before the election.

Media Alert Struggles To Overcome Villa’s Typos

I can’t fault the good people of Espada PR for this release, because it’s technically perfect. It’s the Villa quote they’re trying to hustle that’s golden. Here’s the text from the email:

The Following is #1 Billboard, iTunes, Amazon Recording Artist Joy Villa’s Statement Regarding Michelle Wolf’s Netflix Show Statement


Joy Villa, singer, #1 Billboard, iTunes and Amazon recording artist has issued the following statement on Twitter regarding Michelle Wolf’s “Salute to Abortion” on the Netflix series The Break with Michelle Wolf:

“This is beyond stupid, gross and not funny. It’s the sign of a culture going downhill when this puke is considered “Entertanment” [sic.]. I’m awaiting the Prolife @netflix special…I mean, equality, ammarite [sic.], @netflix? You there? #MichelleWolf “

–Joy Villa

The release goes on to say that Villa has released no new music, and hypes up the MAGA dress she wore to the Grammy’s without mentioning its designer,¬†Andre Soriano.

Villa’s gone downhill since her attempt to garner sympathy by accusing Corey Lewandowski of smacking her butt at a function.

h/t O.R.

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