PayPal Purges Red Ice, Faith Goldy From Service

PayPal is experiencing a small backlash from other users after Faith Goldy posted a copy of an account limitation notice sent by the money transfer service originally developed in part by Peter Thiel, and Red Ice TV is asking for subscribers to consider switching their method of payment.

Citing Faith Goldy‘s YouTube page, Paypal sent this message:

Scrolling through the responses, customer service has been busy replying in the comments to other users who have tagged the company into the discussion. Here are some of PayPal’s responses:

Hey, thank you for contacting PayPal. I apologize for the inconvenience has caused. To assist you further, could you please contact us via DM with your PayPal registered email address along with some detailed information regarding your issue? Thank you. ^AMB
Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. Please send us a DM with the email address associated with your PayPal account and the detailed description of the issue so that we can get this resolved. Thank you. ^DM
Hi there, thanks for the message. If there is an issue that you are facing, please get back to us through a Direct Message with your registered email address and details of the issue so that we can assist you better. ^TA
Hi there!! I am sorry for the inconvenience cause out of this. It would be much appreciated if you could DM us with your registered email address and more details on the query to help you better. ^SD

From a PR standpoint, this is a correct response. Read my tips on keeping social media positive based on up-to-date consumer research here.

PayPal clearly wants to keep their responses off of social media and to only deal directly with the complainants in private, so we won’t be getting a statement anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Red Ice TV has also been given the boot.

Red Ice gives numerous options for donation on their website, including the purchase of t-shirts made from llama fibers and organic cotton.

In a nearly thirty minute long video, Red Ice’s founder Henrik Palmgren and host Lana Lokteff refer to themselves as “dead in the water” due to this interruption.

While there are other options for soliciting donations from MakerSupport to cryptocurrency, nothing is as integrated or easy to use as the PayPal service. If you say or promote anything remotely controversial, consider migrating from PayPal as soon as possible.

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