Alex Jones removed from Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook in Coordinated Attack

The centralization of news, podcasts and opinions continue with a ballsy power move by the crowned heads of acceptable belief as Facebook, Apple and Spotify turn Alex Jones and InfoWars away from connecting with listeners on these massive platforms.

Within hours, YouTube has removed Jones from their platform, as well. Fans can still access InfoWars at their website. Removal from YouTube also means removal from Google Adsense, putting the colourful media organization under financial strain.

In the 1980s, Rush Limbaugh took his chips and started his own station to avoid the clamour of left wing thought police. Last week, Donald J. Trump called in to greet his old friend with well wishes for the thirty years on the airwaves. Online, conservatives have not adapted and our resources have been picked at by monopolies hostile to the right wing, far right and those lovable goofball libertarians.

Last year I mourned the beginning of the end, when extremely far right sites and opinions were excluded from major services. When you want to purge one opinion, you have to start with the most disagreeable person expressing it. Nobody wants to be the guy who supports the Daily Stormer, and now the same services are circling the next kooky media outlet in line: InfoWars, a site I only know through the memes.

Facebook is already a known quantity for my readers so I’ll quickly go through the other services.

Spotify is a streaming service out of Sweden that allows subscribers to access audio content. Basic services are free, but the site has attracted over 83 million paying customers. Spotify users access content through servers owned by the company or through cached filed on their computer. InfoWars will no longer be hosted on the company’s servers. In April, Spotify went live on the NYSE.

As for Apple’s iTunes, their service doesn’t host podcasts but makes them discoverable. You can still access InfoWars podcasts through your iTunes app if you enter the channel’s RSS feed URL directly. So, iTunes will not exactly block you from downloading new shows from InfoWars, but they sure as heck will make it harder for you.

Since most consumers are swinging wildly over to the podcast format with the explosion of Echoes and Alexas in our lives, and content producers are sticking with the failing monetary model of surviving off of WordPress blogs (guilty!), the suffocation via podcast denial is a serious concern.

Apologies for the lack of links; I am a travelling at present.

Florals 💐 I’ve been working since about January on a project idea, pivoting every week while watching demonetization and suppression kill my social media jobs. With InfoWars suffering a coordinated attack from Facebook, Spotify and Apple it’s time to focus on the incubator… it’ll probably kill my current employment but I’m tired of saying that the media landscape is all wrong, and that we just need this and that to foster freedom when I can take up the quarrel with the foe. Just need to get my scrappy group into an Airbnb for a week so we can focus, stream and make phone calls to advisors, funders and lawyers. Can’t be harder to startup for the sake of politics than it is to doorknock or phonebank, can it? I’ve sung, danced and entertained thousands of clients while working as an entertainer. I can populate an RSS feed. #alexJones #infoWars #spotify #facebook #itunes #conservative

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