The Golden One Announces Engagement to Fair Maiden

Congrats to Latsbrah and his unnamed Irish bride-to-be.

The news was announced earlier this week on Instagram.

Engaged with my love ❤️

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Not much is known about the lady in question, but the word is that the fair maiden is Irish.

The Royal Palace in Madrid with my own princess 😊❤️

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Latsbrah, AKA the Golden Lion AKA The Glorious One is known for his positive fitness, nutrition, self-improvement and moral advice for western men who want to embrace numerous western and European cultures over promoting division. His Youtube channel is “dedicated to how glorious and magnificent [he is]” and he generally recommends doing chest three times per week instead of the popular brosplit.

Earlier this summer, Latsbrah opened his own line of nutrition supplements following his clothing line, Legio Gloria. Unfortunately for North American fans, Jotunheim Nutrition is not wildly available. The inclusion of aspartame in his whey has caused a mild kick-up on Instagram from fans, but I’d be careful about the use of stabilizer E466, which can be difficult to digest for anyone like me with gut trouble. But protein is protein. Drink up.

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