ICANN Flunky and Obama Era National Security Adviser John Laprise Hate-Mutes Me On Twitter

One big boi Democrat with ties to Qatar versus one short disabled Canadian woman who does keyword research and content strategies for right-leaning companies and politicians.

I’ve never heard of this guy or his collection of useless degrees and homophobic Middle Eastern business ties until this evening.

Yet here I am, a victim of muting!

One of the reasons I run this site is to funnel my fellow conservatives to my Hire Me page. Along with my pals at Warfare Media I’ve worked on international political campaigns and have picked up work in the crypto world, and after apprenticing myself to a VP marketing from Los Angeles I’ve been looking to fill my schedule with my own clients, specifically small conservative or right-leaning businesses who need a leg-up in their online strategies.

Me, and my tiny site and fire Twitter account has now attracted the attention of His Corpulence, Dr. John Laprise PhD.

John Laprise, a consultant with the Association of Internet Users — I mean, President of the Association of Internet Users? appears to be an over-educated smarmy expert in twenty different subjects but lacks the discipline to not spend weeks upon months upon years getting mad online.

Since the Association of Internet Users el presidente Laprise likes muting little ol’ me while retweeting junk from the Sex Perverts Love Children aka Southern Poverty Law Center I’m sure he’s mostly paying his bills for ice cream and AC by “consulting” for numerous left wing garbage fires.

His Linkedin suggests he’s worked with left-wing money Hoover the United Nations and for ictQATAR, touted to be a telecommunications regulator for the country.

While Laprise suckled money and baklava from the Qatari landscape, citizens enjoyed a sharia-compliant country which continues to criminalize homosexuality and blasphemy.

Laprise worked as a “consulting scholar” for ictQATAR from June 2012 to July 2014. In September 2014, the Qatari government passed a bill empowering them to hand down three year jail sentences for violating their new, highly restrictive and self-serving speech codes. He appears to adore restricted speech, he ought to feel right at home there!

The more I browse through his resume, the happier I am to find myself on the receiving end of his mute. It’ll only help me find more work. Unlike you, I’ve had the pride to turn down positions working for people I felt were pursuing a morally reprehensible world.

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