New Businesses Keep Hiring Content Marketers For The Wrong Reasons

Ever wonder what to charge and what to expect from an online marketer when you’re starting your new business?

The short answer is keywords, trends and top notch content, but Igor Lebovic goes into detail.

The SEO playbook for seed-stage startups is different than for established companies. Young startups often lack domain authority, volume of content, and a strong social media following, all of which makes it hard to compete with large players.

While keyword research and targeted content is essential to anyone looking to climb the ranks, there’s a massive difference between rolling out a marketing campaign for a new business or a new candidate compared to an established company or politician already in office.

When Aristotle wrote his book on plays, he studied hundreds of tragedies in order to distill their essential qualities. In modern times, I prefer to front load my research by producing a long, never-to-be-published white paper explaining the business in keyword-rich detail. After approval by the business, I poach topics, wording and voice from the white paper for starter blog material.

SEO matters, and SEO practices change. Scalability can be extended through my white paper system because I can edit, refresh and poach from that base document again.

Generally I work with a team producing content, but I love working with fresh businesses looking to produce those crucial first few articles.


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