Hire Me

Coaching is available for conservatives looking to develop a flexible online media personality. These days a politician or businessman will run messaging on YouTube, reddit, Twitter and Facebook at a minimum. Do you really know the difference between bridging the gap with an audience on Facebook Live compared to shaking hands at a rally? People want to connect with a person, not a brand. That means you need to sound like you while adapting to the standards of ever-changing online spaces.


Platform-Dependent Vocabulary

Lexicographic promiscuity ought compel orthoepic corbels. Every social media site has unique syntax. Learn when and how to use big words without losing your individual voice, k?


Be the leading voice on the Next Big Thing! To start, we’ll have a friendly chat to gauge your pre-existing passions. There’s no sense in being the first out of the gate if you don’t have a reason to care in the first place or for the long haul. After picking your brain, I’ll root out and research the upcoming sea changes underlying a ripe topic of your choice. Then, I will prepare a report on the Next Big Thing and you’ll be primed to be the first to ring the alarm bell.

Debate Prep

Now that you’re a trendspotter with a refreshed word hoard, the invitations to join panel discussions and televised debates are filling your inbox. If you bite off more than you can chew, I’ll do the opposition research to to predict how your fellow panelists will attack you. Debate formats and outcomes vary by platform and audience, so I’ll make sure that you’re prepped with one-liners and facts that will get the viewers on your side.  I’ll need the names of the people you’ll be facing down and the date of the production. I have provided preparation for debates that have attracted millions of views. This is a flexible service that caters to YouTube bloodsports all the way up to BBC and Fox News fistfights.

Speech Writing

Do you put off recording a voicemail message because you hate the sound of your voice? Listening back to a recording of yourself is the most brutal way of judging your own speech patterns. You’ve already been on so many panels and forums that you’ve exhausted your catch phrases and can’t recall which zingers earned the best reaction. Save yourself the stress. When you hire me, we’ll spend some time chatting through a variety of topics so I can pinpoint your unique turn of phrase and natural rhythm.  From there, we will agree on the desired outcome for your speech whether it be to rile up the crowd or to defend a business model. No matter the topic, I build my speeches and presentations on the tried-and-true foundation of modern research into the human attention span.

Please see About Me for an abbreviated resume. If you want to see more samples of my work, contact margaret-at-warfaremedia-dot-com for more information as most of my work is printed under a pseudonym.